Do you have any questions about how the Kerbernez Golf Club works? Here are the most common questions... and their answers!

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The Kerbernez Golf Club offers different rates for visitors and subscribers so that everyone can find the formula best suited to their needs. Click here to see our rates.

By subscribing to the subscription fee, you will be able to play on our 2 9-hole courses.

Twice a year, the Golf Club organises free discovery days open to all, including 2 hours of initiation supervised by a qualified instructor with the loan of equipment and discovery of the course.

The driving range is freely accessible. To practice, you can buy practice tokens at the reception desk.

For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to pick up balls on the driving range.

Our driving range is closed every Tuesday from 8.30am to 11.30am for ball collection and mowing.

Yes, we have single clubs for men, women and children to practice on the driving range.

We also have ½ series right-handed, left-handed for the courses.

You can have someone accompany you during your game. The only precaution is to explain the basics of how to behave towards the other players.

The restaurant is open to all, every day of the week, at lunchtime only.

No, it is dangerous to walk on the courses. You risk being hit by a ball that could cause serious injury. However, it is possible to walk around the course and stay on the paths.